May 5, 2022

Time to Squeeze the Juice of Business Strength (Orange You Glad You Have the Data to Squeeze?)

Squeezing an orange slice into a bowl

When you make decisions about up-leveling technology for your business, there are often bumps along the way. Tech support can come and go. Software eventually gets outdated, isn’t supported, or you simply outgrow it.

When you need to boost efficiency and output, you have viable choices. First off, you can decide whether to fix your tech or create something new. Next, you can go the outsourcing route if you don’t have in-house resources. A previous blog post detailed the pros and cons of tech services outsourcing.

Now, overhauling tech so it delivers what you want when you want and how you want can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why carving out a role for an experienced collaborator as part of the process makes so much sense. Doing so can give you the peace of mind that things are in the right hands.  

You wouldn’t expect your doctor to prescribe any treatment without a thorough diagnosis first, would you? Well, the same approach applies to technology upgrades.

Mere coding skills alone won’t get it done. You need an experienced pro that can diagnose and understand the key issues and accurately gauge the scope of what your business needs to take your tech to the next level.

The best way to get there is to work with business professionals that provide consulting, contracting, and collaboration from start to finish.

Your business doesn’t need cookie-cutter solutions. It requires a tech solution that meets your company where it is now and is flexible and adaptable to future scalability. Bottom line: your business needs flexible and affordable solutions.

For example, say you have a Microsoft Access database with a basic template. Now, you may be able to capture the data without a hitch. But how is that data best output and utilized? Data without a level of reporting is just that – data! Ultimately, what you want is data taken to the next level, so it becomes intelligence and guides your decision-making as you plan your company’s future.

Now that’s just one example. There are plenty of others. So, reflect on this: what one technology change would make the most significant difference to your business, your revenue, and your company’s future?

If you’re unsure or have an idea that needs 3rd party validation, here’s what you need to do next. Reach out to Barnes Business Solutions today and book your free 30-minute consultation You may discover that the best software solution is right in front of you.