How We Work

What is the most important reason companies of all sizes hire us for their technology needs?

 Sure, the coding expertise and our solutions-driven mindset can immediately get us on their radar.

Fortunately, what delivers the biggest impact is the process we bring to how the work gets done.
Sounds like common sense, right?
Not so fast. Because the technology terrain often prioritizes short-term fixes over long-term success.

At Barnes Business Solutions, our track record of helping companies of all sizes and industries has generated a considerable knowledge base. We understand business and can connect and communicate with you on a business as well as a technology level.

That makes us accountable and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, there’s no need to come to us with a plan you’d share with an offshore coder. Because we’ll deploy a step-by-step plan in a series of stages.

Working hand-and-hand with you gives us a leg up on how to turn your technology investment into an ROI-driven asset.

Here are the four phases our technology team works on with you to define and deliver success :

Phase 1:

Diagnosis and Analysis

Phase 2:

Data creation, Capturing, and Testing

Phase 3:

Systems Integration and Reporting

Phase 4:

Delivery of Final Solution

Naturally, there are variables to each one of these phases. For example, testing covers what is done during development and again during onsite/user acceptance, and in some cases in parallel with a production environment. Learn more about our Consulting Services or our IT Managed Services.

In the final analysis, we deliver a tangible business asset that proves its worth many times over.
Want to see how? Book a Free Consultation with us to see exactly how we can help you.