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Consulting Services Reviews

"I highly recommend Maria, She has an exceptional ability to empathize with the client's needs and translate them into an appropriate technical solution. At the same time she has the skill and discipline to implement a cost effective workable deliverable."
~ President, Software Development Company
Maria is very knowledgeable in her field, I worked with her many times over the years to help bring our very outdated program into the 21st century. She was very patient and even taught me how to troubleshoot our system on my own. She is wonderful to work with and is SO good at last minute help requests.
~ Administrative Assistant, Allied Painting Contractors
"My you are fast and efficient. On the whole I am very pleased with the look of the database. Please send your invoice and know that I am a satisfied customer. Thank you and I am glad that I have found you to help me with my problems. Rest assured I will probably contact you again."
~ Author
"Maria has written programs and provided contract Information Tech Service for past 4 years. She is always pleasant to work with & I view her as a very competent programmer."
~ Moving and Storage Company
"This may be the first process I received in years that actually does make my job easier."
~ Concept Developer, Research Writing Application
"When I have a technical question, I can always count on her for help."
~ Small Business Owner
"Thanks for your support in bringing my vision to life. I appreciate your gifts."
~ Company President, Data Warehousing Provider
"From the standpoint of professionalism, Mrs. Barnes is second to none."
~ Company President, Data Warehousing Provider
"Great Job!"
~Co-Principal, Software Development Company

Managed IT Reviews

"Maria has been a managed IT source with our company for a long time in charge of one of our main applications from day one. She has made numerous small/medium/large scale enhancements to our application that generated additional revenue or increased efficiency. Her Business and Technical knowledge helped our Business partners achieve their goals and deal with most difficult request from our clients. I would like to thank Maria for her time and professionalism during last few months. She was able to create training materials that will be used in future to get new developers up to speed. I can’t thank Maria enough for everything that she has done for our Team."
~ Manager of Software Engineering, Healthcare Analytics & Technology Insights Company
"Maria is a highly skilled programmer with great problem solving abilities. She is able to effectively manage all aspects of a project from identifying the customer need to providing the technical solution."
~ Technical Specialist, Computer Solutions Company
"You are a calm, organized, logical, creative and dedicated partner to the business. We would not have provided the great, efficient service to our client without your talent and partnership."
~ Director, Healthcare Analytics Company
"Thank you again for your level of organization and communication it is greatly appreciated."
~ Senior Vice President, Healthcare Payment Integrity Company

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