April 20, 2022

Is Your Data Being Used as an Asset? Or is it a Pain in the…

Data on a laptop

If not, it should be. Of course, maybe your current tech environment generates data that yields more pain than profit.

It shouldn’t be that way. And if you keep reading, it won’t be. Because no matter what business you are in or who your customers are, technology has a vital role. But in what way, exactly? And in what capacity?

These questions surface routinely for today’s business owners. And yet the actual answers will often remain elusive. Because what’s ultimately needed most is gaining a level of certainty on how best to proceed when accurately assessing the challenges your business is currently facing.

For example, you get a real sense that your business could be running smoother. Business processes could be made more simple and effective. Perhaps a current activity performed manually could finally be automated to boost efficiency.

That’s a positive step in identifying a need. Here’s what comes next …

What are Some of the Technology Options for Your Business?

Confused man sitting at his laptop holding his head

Let’s face it; you best spend your time running a successful and profitable long-term business. So no one expects you’re a technology savant here. Do know there is no shortage of options available to you, your business, and your overall operations.

Is an off-the-shelf software package one of the options? What about hiring someone full-time to oversee all things IT? Or maybe you should hunt for an offshore programmer and try and pocket a few extra bucks instead?

The sad reality is that each option comes with some severe and likely unknown drawbacks to you.

In the big picture, know what you’re getting into now rather than wait until later when you have sunk time and money into something proven unworkable.

Why off-the-shelf might not be the best fit

Sure, at first blush, this appears to be an easy solution. But when you dig deeper, you won’t like what you find.
An off-the-shelf option has a habit of morphing into something much more expensive. This goes beyond just the software investment to how the software gets used in your company’s operations.

It’s not uncommon for some software customization to be ultimately needed. Often, things are too rigid to allow that because the software owner doesn’t provide the actual code. They’ll charge an arm and a leg for it if they do.

Hiring a full-time IT person?

First off, can your company support the ongoing financial commitment of a full-timer? Will this person be expected to solve all issues related to technology? These are the questions you’ll need to address before hiring a tech person full-time.

And here’s yet another element to consider: say you have a full-time person in place. And that IT person has configured things their way. Things like servers, apps, data transfer, data integration, and more. But then that person leaves. Now you’re stuck with technology driven by that employee’s personality and preferences rather than a systems mindset that can be successfully handed off to a successor. So what then?

What about going offshore for a programmer?

Hiring someone offshore can work occasionally, but it’s no slam dunk. The success rate usually involves more transactional tech support and not something more substantial both in scope and overall time commitment. Also, you have to evaluate how invested is that offshore resource in your technology needs beyond a quick fix – both today and tomorrow.

With an unknown offshore company or freelancer, you’re literally at the whim of the stability of their internet connection, not to mention their overall business operations. Also, depending on the global location, you may have some language and communication challenges that could lead to unexpected miscommunications.

There’s a better way, right? Yes, there is. Reach out to Barnes Business Solutions today.  You’ll immediately discover the value of investing in data that’s an asset today and tomorrow