April 15, 2022

Draw By Your Numbers… Follow the Data Paths and Connect the Dots

Process can sometimes get a bad rap. It’s often an overused business buzzword. “Trust the process.” Or we’re process thinkers.” The process is critical for a successful outcome.  

After all, effective technology solutions don’t happen in a vacuum. They stem from knowledge, experience, and a validated process. So doesn’t it make sense to consider a tech partner/collaborator with a proven track for delivering on all three?  

Bottom line: the process piece is how the work gets done. Common sense, right? Not so fast. Because today’s technology environment prioritizes short-term fixes over long-term success, that’s to a company’s detriment today and tomorrow.  


So, as a business owner, what can you do to help the process be everything it can be? Simply put, it’s not your job to identify the exact plan to solve your tech woes. That’s the role of a tech provider like us at Barnes Business Solutions. (BBS).   

There’s no need to come to us with the same plan you’d share with an offshore coder. We’ll deploy a step-by-step procedure in a series of defined and detailed stages. It’s a plan based on needs, budget, timeline, and the best future outcomes. It’s a plan aligned with what you need on all levels of your company.  


Man writing on a whiteboard

We learned this approach over the years via the numerous technology engagements we’ve accrued across a full spectrum of industries. The plan we provide to your company is the genesis of our past work of helping companies of all sizes.  

With this considerable knowledge base at our fingertips, we possess a far greater better understanding of your exact technology challenges. It helps both of us that we can connect and communicate with you on a business as well as a technology level. And rest assured, you have a business collaborator that shares in plain English and not tech jargon. When it comes to business growth, we are speaking the same language.  

Working hand-and-hand with you gives us a leg up on how to turn your technology investment into an ROI-driven asset.  

Here are the four phases our technology team works with you to define and deliver success:  

Phase 1: Diagnosis and Analysis
The best way to begin is with a simple consultation. This Q&A will identify what type of data is to be stored and captured, the basic functionality of the software, and the level of customization needed.  

We’ll look at the contract with software specs, essential items, and reference design documents. This phase could also include software licenses and hardware.  


Phase 2: Data creation, Capturing, and Testing
Here is where the exact functionality gets put to the test. Both design and cost considerations go here. Development begins and ranges from concept to framework. You’ll know what is in each field.  


Phase 3: Systems Integration and Reporting
This phase puts it all together, so everything envisioned has indeed become a reality. What does that look like, exactly? You get meaningful reporting that provides an accurate picture of your most important business metrics. Getting a handle on your numbers is the key to scaling for growth and superior ROI.  


Phase 4: Delivery of Final Solution
After rigorous testing and detailed configuration, we deliver the final product validated at an alpha and beta level.  


Naturally, there are variables to each one of these phases. For example, testing covers the development process and again during onsite/user acceptance and, in some cases, in parallel with a production environment.  

If you’d like to learn just how instrumental a proven process is in creating and deploying new technology systems, here’s an invite as a reward for reading this far. You can schedule a no-cost consultation with the founder of Barnes Business Solutions.

To reserve your time on Maria Barnes’ calendar, click here. We can promise you it will be time well spent.